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car diagnostics Sheffield

Car diagnostics Sheffield here at P.A Autos Ltd – VAGCOM is a software package and interface cable that runs on Microsoft Windows operating system.

Ross-Tech, LLC has been developing and producing this software since 2000. The name of the software was derived from Volkswagen AG or VAG.

This is the former Volkswagen Group’s name. Currently, the software is known as VCDS. VCDS is simply an abbreviation for “VAGCOM Diagnostic System.”

The name of the software was changed for trademark registration purposes. However, the product remains the same.

Car diagnostics Sheffield – How it works

Car diagnostics Sheffield – this software is basically used to diagnose and adjust motor vehicles from the Volkswagen Group.

It enables users to view and adjust data that different car computers use.

Among the vehicles whose data can be diagnosed and adjusted using this software include Volkswagen Passenger, SEAT, Skoda automobiles and Audi.

This car diagnostics sheffield software is also used in commercial vehicles that are produced by Volkswagen.

Basically, this software connects to Data Link Connector and the USB of a computer or a serial port.

With the right cable, the software can be used in examining any car from VAG group for maintenance and diagnostic procedures.

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